Friday, June 25, 2010

Tool for exporting formatted code to HTML?

Quick poll… When writing blogs or articles, what do you use to nicely format code snippets as HTML? I am particularly curious if anyone found an Eclipse plugin that simply exports the style that’s visible in the Eclipse editor rather than trying to implement parsing and styling on its own.


Maarten Meijer said...

I use Syntaxhighlighter from because what we blog about is usually a mix of Java, XML, plaintext and shellscript.

If anything you need something that replaces the < and > with < and >

Stephan Hochdoerfer said...

Not an eclipse plugin but good anyway: Use highlight[1] to format your source code. The tool supports different programming languages as well as different output formats, XHTML is one available format.


Author said...

I use the syntax highlighter in my blog and then a custom plugin I have which adds the tags to xml & java code