Thursday, October 23, 2008

Eclipse Project Declaration : Faceted Project Framework

I am blogging today to raise awareness of a project declaration that might have gone unnoticed in the inboxes of Eclipse committers and other members. The goal of the Faceted Project Framework is to provide a re-usable system that facilitates treating Eclipse projects as composed of units of functionality (called facets) that can be easily added or removed by users. The initial code contribution will come from a mature and a rather successful component in the Eclipse Web Tools Platform (WTP), but the ultimate goal for creating this independent project is to encourage broader adoption in contexts beyond that of WTP. I expect this project will evolve substantially as others bring their use cases to the table.

Anyone who has ever wondered if there was a better solution that a multitude of "Enable function X" menu items or has ever thought that users should be able to add and remove natures without hacking the .project file should get involved. I am looking for both potential contributors and potential consumers. If you have use cases or just random thoughts on this subject, I encourage you to jump in and get involved at the newly-created newsgroup.

Project Proposal:


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