Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Java Language Puzzle 4

How does one access the Class object associated with a primitive type? This can be necessary when using reflection.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Sapphire 8 : Outline Decorations

Multiple text decorations can now be added to the nodes in the master-details editor page outline in order to show additional information in a way that is set apart from the main node label.


A definition of a text decoration is composed of text and an optional color. Both of these properties support Sapphire EL. When text is null, the decoration is not shown. Multiple decorations can be specified for one node.

        <label>${ Name == null ? "Uncategorized" : Name }</label>
            <text>${ ( Items.Size == 0 ? null : Concat( "(", Items.Size, ")" ) ) }</text>

The framework API has changed accordingly.

@Label( standard = "text decoration" )
@XmlBinding( path = "text-decoration" )

public interface TextDecorationDef extends Element
    ElementType TYPE = new ElementType( TextDecorationDef.class );
    // *** Text ***
    @Type( base = Function.class )
    @Label( standard = "text" )
    @XmlBinding( path = "text" )
    ValueProperty PROP_TEXT = new ValueProperty( TYPE, "Text" );
    Value<Function> getText();
    void setText( String value );
    void setText( Function value );
    // *** Color ***
    @Type( base = Function.class )
    @Label( standard = "color" )
    @DefaultValue( text = "#957D47")
    @XmlBinding( path = "color" )
    ValueProperty PROP_COLOR = new ValueProperty( TYPE, "Color" );
    Value<Function> getColor();
    void setColor( String value );
    void setColor( Function value );
public interface MasterDetailsContentNodeDef
    // *** Decorations ***
    @Type( base = TextDecorationDef.class )
    @Label( standard = "decorations" )
    @XmlListBinding( path = "" )
    ListProperty PROP_DECORATIONS = new ListProperty( TYPE, "Decorations" );
    ElementList<TextDecorationDef> getDecorations();
public final class TextDecoration
    public String text()
    public Color color()
public final class MasterDetailsContentNodePart
    public List<TextDecoration> decorations()

Friday, March 7, 2014

Sapphire 8 : Check Box Group

Sapphire already includes a slush bucket and a check box list presentation alternatives for a possible values list.



However, in some cases where the set of possible values is known to always be small, a more compact presentation is desired. The new check box group presentation fills this need.

The check boxes can be arranged either horizontally or vertically.



The presentation will utilize ValueImageService and ValueLabelService, if present on the list entry's value property. The services must be attached to the value property's global service context.




  1. The property is a list property
  2. The list property has a PossibleValuesService
  3. There is exactly one possible member type
  4. The member type has exactly one property and that property is a value property
  5. The value property has @Unique annotation

Automatic Activation

This presentation does not activate automatically.

Manual Activation

The following style codes will activate this presentation as long as the applicability conditions are met.

  • Sapphire.PropertyEditor.CheckBoxGroup - produces horizontal presentation
  • Sapphire.PropertyEditor.CheckBoxGroup.Horizontal
  • Sapphire.PropertyEditor.CheckBoxGroup.Vertical

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Sapphire 8 : Event Suspension

Model events can now be suspended while performing a multi-step operation. This can be helpful in avoiding distracting flashing of the UI as the model goes through the intermediate states.

     * Suspends all events related to this element and everything beneath it in the model tree. The suspended
     * events will be delivered when the suspension is released.
     * @return a handle that must be used to release the event suspension
    Disposable suspend()
     * Suspends all events related to this property and everything beneath it in the model tree. The suspended
     * events will be delivered when the suspension is released.
     * @return a handle that must be used to release the event suspension
    Disposable suspend()
final ElementList<PurchaseOrderEntry> entries = po.getEntries();
final Disposable suspension = entries.suspend();

    final PurchaseOrderEntry entry = entries.insert();
    entry.setItem( "USB Cable" );
    entry.setQuantity( 2 );
    entry.setUnitPrice( "2.5" );

Monday, March 3, 2014

Announcing Sapphire 0.7.1 Release

On behalf of all who contributed, I am very proud to announce the availability of the Sapphire 0.7.1 release.